Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Long time no blog

Things have been a bit crazy. We finally got our carpet in. After we got that done, we started dragging in the computer stuff & sorting through it all. We threw out a lot, put some in the donate pile, and we have a lot to keep. When we go back through that, we may pull some of it out to add to the donate pile.
A good trip to IKEA resulted in a very overloaded Outback. We've started putting one of the cabinets together. Linus & Einstein both needed to come in and help. Bassets & power tools, not a good mix so Chris did the assembly while I passed him parts & kept the dogs safe.

We've also been helping some friends pack for their move. Everyone pray or cross your fingers or whatever your personal preference is that everything works out with their current prospective new house.
As a result of this, their sweet little rat terrier, Puddles, is staying with us. It's kinda funny watching Puddles & Linus try to run away from each other. It's a contest as to who is more scared. Tonight is flying night but we're going to leave Puddles at home. It'll give her a chance to get settled in plus I'm not sure how well she'll be able to handle the heat. Then there's the danger of her getting squished under 2 bassets in the back seat.
She's a good dog. It'll be fun having her here.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Linus, the barking seal

Linus & I had some snuggle time on the couch. He seems to have calmed down.

We call him the barking seal because that's what his bark sounds like. It's pretty cute. Einstein's deep bark with Linus' higher pitched bark. He's cute.

Linus has been getting braver. He's not afraid to drink from the main dog bowl which has a 2-liter bottle feeding it which makes a burping noise. He used to be afraid of it so we had to have a regular water bowl for him.

We have to sit both food bowls out in the living room but that's because of Einstein. He would completely block access to the kitchen so Linus couldn't get the food. Linus would get hungry enough that he'd start whining. So, with both bowls in the living room I can keep the food dominance under control.

Otherwise they get along fine. They'll lay together. Linus likes to lick Einstein. Do dogs have grooming rituals? Einstein doesn't seem to care & they are cute.

Linus didn't eat my phone!

We had a fun afternoon at the McLarens' playing games & chatting. It hit me that I had left my cell phone down where Linus could get it. After Mom's cell phone with artistic teeth marks, I was concerned about mine. It was a happy surprise to find it untouched. Yay!

He is a sweetheart despite his tendency to destroy phone books & PS2 controllers.
In honor of the holiday, Chris decided that Linus didn't need to go on a walk today. You'd think he'd be a happy dog but instead he's whining & pacing. So I'll blog about more Linus later.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Linus:2 PS2:0

Linus decided to start destroying things again. His first victims were an old Otterbox for my iPod that he hauled out of the basket where I keep chargers & other electronics related stuff. He chewed the circle that covered the click wheel out. He also chewed on one of Chris' PS2 controllers. At least the Otterbox was a broken one. The PS2 controller was actually working.

So, I picked up another big plastic tub. Clearly more stuff needed to be protected & my computer desk was already covered with so much stuff that I couldn't use the computer. So big tub was plopped onto the old big tub and filled with all kinds of stuff to protect them from the chewy dog.

Unfortunately, when we went to Spamalot we forgot to put the other PS2 controller in the tub & he ate it while we were gone. Yes, we were gone a long time. But! We gave them really cool edible Nylabones that they do actually like. Plus we filled each of the "treat" balls full of 1 cup (1/2 of their dinner) of food each. Plus the usual doggy amusements (toys, each other, the dog door, ...)

So we picked up a used controller at the Game Exchange on Main Street. It currently resides in the tub. We also had to pick up a new PS2 memory card as the ones he already had have disappeared into the disaster area that is our house.

We did get our carpet in, sort of. The guy who had written up the order wrote down the wrong names for 2 of the colors. So we got our center blue color & 2 green shades. So we're waiting 7-10 days for the correct shades of blue to come in. Annoyingly since it's the middle color & not one of the corners, we can't do anything with the carpet tiles we have. sigh