Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A good recovery

Linus did eventually crawl out from under the kitchen table. He was still acting a bit skittish but was hanging out in the living room. When I heard Chris start to unlock the front door, I thought "Uh Oh! He'll run back under the table.". Instead Linus raced Einstein to say hi like has been usual for the last week or so. When Chris came in to sit on the couch, Linus ran over and grabbed his platypus & brought it over to me. He was so cute! I, of course, did not have a camera ready.

Chris said that the blanket over Linus' crate seems to be helping. He's cried a bit when he wakes up but then quiets back down. Hopefully this will become a habit.

The walk went better last night. The night before pegged Linus' freak-o-meter. Chris took him home early and had to struggle with him the whole way. Last night, Linus did much better. No outright freaking. His anxiety was clearing rising along the way but not nearly as bad as the previous night - there were lots of people & kids out that night.

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