Monday, June 18, 2007

Scary Day for Linus

Our exterminator came by today. He's a really nice guy who loves dogs. Einstein is always thrilled since he knows he'll get attention.
Linus was not so thrilled. Our exterminator walked over to pet Linus before I could ask him not to. Linus leaped over the arm of the loveseat & somehow shoved his head into the doggie door before his legs hit the ground. His front paws landed on the window sill & he was pulling himself through before his hind legs hit the ground. He was one scared acrobatic dog.

He's under the kitchen table right now. I tried coaxing him out once but then remembered I needed to relock the gate. I came back inside just as Linus walked out of the kitchen. He fled in terror of the opening door back under the kitchen table. Poor little guy. :-(

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