Friday, June 15, 2007

Who needs sleep?

Linus woke both of us up this morning. Chris tried to sleep in until 5:30 (whoo hoo!) but Linus woke up earlier. Linus started whining, then a few barks, a howl, and back to whining as he built himself up each time getting more & more frantic.

He seems to not mind his crate. He runs into it easily enough at bedtime. He's learned "cookie" from Mom & crunches happily on the one we give him when we close the door. He's fine during the night. It's that early am wake up.

When we moved his crate, Chris smelled urine so part of it might be that. However, the smell wasn't that strong (after changing Darwin's blankets every day, you get the hang of estimating volume based on smell). Some mornings Chris says he runs for his water dish. Other times, he wants attention & sometimes he runs outside. I think he just wakes up then & won't sit quietly like Einstein does. He's awake, he wants everyone awake.

We looked at bark deterrent collars at Petsmart - just the ones that emit a high pitched noise - no shocks! The problem is that since he mostly cries, will it work? It says it has adjustable settings to tune it to your dog's bark.


I'm tired which means not thinking very clearly. He's such a sweetie. When I was reading my book last night, I pulled him from the foot of the couch up to sprawl between my legs. He stretched out & stayed. He wanted his chin scritched. He'd lift his head & look at me with those sweet brown eyes. He's such a sweetie.

He just needs to stop waking us up!

Well, breakfast & work are waiting.

Ideas & suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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