Friday, May 18, 2007

Just another day

I got home & dumped some groceries in the entryway along with my books & bag. Linus shot out of his crate as per usual. He actually sat at the back door & let me put the lead on him instead of cringing away. Einstein shot inside while Linus & I headed out. I kept thinking that I had forgotten something. Linus finished his business & we came back in. I heard something in the entryway & remembered the groceries. I ran in & discovered Einstein with his head buried in my bag of potato chips. I had Darwin flashbacks & almost started laughing. :-) No pictures I'm afraid.

One thing I've noticed about bassets is their need to make trails. Our beagle, Darwin, never made any trails. They only started to appear after Einstein arrived. Linus saw the trails & is following along.

Linus received a card in the mail. It was from his Granny McCann welcoming him into the family.

Well, enough fun & photos. Time to get to cleaning the house for the relatives that will be swarming in soon.

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