Saturday, May 12, 2007

Who's really the pack leader in this house?

I got to the section in Cesar's Way called "Who's Top Dog in Your House".
Here are the questions:

Does Einstein jump on us when we come home?
Sometimes. Ummm.... OK he usually does if he's been left inside the house. Not so much if we left him outside. But yes, he does that to both of us.

Does Einstein go out of the door first when going on walks? (Or anywhere else that involves a leash & a door)
Yes. Always, with both of us. You mean it's not because he's so excited about his walks?

Does Einstein bark at you to get something and then you do it?
Walk? Ummm... Generally yes, not every time though!
Play? Yes

Does Einstein wake you up early in the morning because...
He needs a drink? Yes
He needs to go potty? Yes
Just plain wants out? Yes
Do you let him...
Drink? yes, we're already awake, why not?
Potty? definitely - who wants to clean up accidents in the crate?
Wants out? Once we realize that, No. He goes back in the crate.

Anything else he makes you do?
Ummm... Does leaving the papa san in the living even though it's in our way but he likes it so we left it count? Yeah, I guess it would.
Ummm... Oh, does buying a dog pillow for every room where we tend to spend time in because he won't hang out with us otherwise count? He just doesn't like laying on non-cushy stuff. Oops! I think that counts.

Not looking good for us.
It looks like Einstein wins.
He's surprised that there's any doubt.

For the record, Panda could beat him up with 1 declawed paw tied behind her back.

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