Friday, May 18, 2007


Linus just rang the bells to go out. I hooked him up to his lead (the whole walking over to him & grabbing the lead made him cringe a bit) & let him out. I let him walk out on his own. He did have a 12 lead dragging behind him to help me drag him out of the photinas if needed. Einstein followed. I waited on the patio. Linus walked around, peed, missed the lead, walked back over when I called him, & went inside. Yay! Progress!

OK. This was his 2nd try. He'd rung the bells a little earlier but when I walked over to grabbed the lead he ducked & ran over to the loveseat & jumped up. He got it on the 2nd try though!

I faxed over Linus' medical record that I had stupidly left at home yesterday. Dr. Slough called & confirmed that Linus was indeed up to date on everything.
Linus has been a real sweetie about his ears. He lets me put the medicine without any problems. Even wash his ears. I'm sure as he gets less scared that this will change but I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

I don't know if it's just Linus' nature or if it's because he's still timid & shy. He's a very low energy basset. As in, he sleeps on the furniture all day. OK, you say, he's a basset! Einstein is 4 years older & has way more energy. I'm sure that in a flat out run that Linus would beat him. Other than that, he's pretty much a snail to Einstein's turtle.

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