Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Last night

I had a nice talk with Linus' foster mom and he's ours! Yay!

Sooooooo, around midnight last night both Chris & I were wondering if maybe we should change our mind. (we wouldn't but it sounded good at midnight, 2 am, ...)
Linus was crying. Chris got up & took him out. He cried again. I got up & took him out. He cried again. I went back down & managed to stay awake for almost an hour. Linus was almost hyper (for him). He was sniffing around the living room. I called him back down from halfway up the stairs. He'd want attention & then go back to sniffing. He settled down eventually. I put them to bed. He started crying again. At Chris' suggestion, I closed the bedroom door which muffled the whining so we could get to sleep.
I have no idea why. I refilled his bowl last night & he polished it off so maybe his tummy hurt? I don't think he pooped but he doesn't always. His evening walk was 1 short walk. He doesn't like his crate? I don't know.
Sooo, I pushed my alarm back from 6:30 but I'm still tired. Chris let him out in the yard without hooking him to the lead & he came in on his own. That's good.
I just came downstairs & Einstein was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. I sat down & started petting him when Linus came running up & shoved his head at me. I petted him while being surprised & then he ran back to the couch. So, maybe he's starting to feel better about us & the house. I don't know.
I love the little guy but I need sleep! So, does Chris!
Longer walk tonight. Cross your fingers for me.

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