Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Survived another walk

The first half was very nice. A nice cool breeze. Linus wasn't constantly pulling on the leash & he was sniffing around with Einstein. This is going to be a nice relaxing walk, I thought to myself.

About halfway around we came across some people taking tools out of a pickup. Very scary. Then someone in the front yard talking on a cell phone. Even scarier.

When I'd let him walk, Linus would take off in a run. Not kidding. A full out run. For the first time, I lost my temper. He hit the end of the leash in a dead run again and I stepped back & pulled. His front legs came off the ground & he spun around. I used to be able to completely flip Darwin when he was pulling too hard too often on the leash. I didn't pull that hard on Linus. I didn't want to terrify him just try to break that cycle in his brain: wait (because I have to), yay! Run!, nuts! I'll wait again, run, wait, run, wait, ... I was going for wait, run, yank! Wha' happened?

I love Linus. I love Einstein. This is killing my joints.

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