Sunday, May 20, 2007

Visitors are scary

My brother (Ray), his wife, & their daughter E (my niece) stopped by for the night. They're on their way to a cruise farther south in TX. We had a nice dinner & then E got to run around in the playground for awhile.
The playground is in a park within walking distance of her house. Unfortunately, too many people think that a park means they can let their dogs poop everywhere & not pick it up. We had to keep E on the sidewalks because of all of the piles. She'd been in the car all day & needed to run and play.
She seemed to like the enclosed slides the best. The short one was a straight slide down. The taller one had twists in it and wasn't very slippery. She came down the first couple of times dragging herself forward with her feet. The last time she somehow walked/crouched down the slide.

We had a problem with the dogs. They don't have pets so she's not used to them. Einstein was inside when we got home so I grabbed his collar to put him outside. He loves people so he wanted to wait for the new people to come in so he could say hi. I thought I had him out the door but he got away & ran for the entryway and the front door. E had just been sat on the ground & she saw a 55 lb basset hound charging toward her. Needless to say she was scared. Einstein didn't touch her and I got him outside. Linus shot from his crate to his cave. E actually went through his cave a couple of times and never noticed him. Linus just looked at her with huge eyes and tried to make himself into an even smaller ball.

Chris & my brother took both boys for a quick spin to wear them out a little. Chris said Linus was hard to deal with because he was so scared of the new person walking with him. He retreated back to his cave & didn't move until bedtime. When we let Einstein in, we left him on the leash.

Ray likes dogs so Einstein did get some attention after E went to bed. He wasn't totally neglected.

Happily Linus decided not to cry last night. I wonder if leaving a radio playing downstairs (music or talk?) would help him. Ideas?

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